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Fashion is the style and institution established at a given time. In its most common practice however, "fashion" describes the popular clothing style and Accessories. Many fashions are famous in many cultures at any given time. Being aware of the latest fashion has always been in the nature of human. Especially women are more conscious about the latest fashion styles. Today women don't like to compromise on their looks and styles.

Just think of a mini party arranged by one of your friend, you step inside the hall and find yourself wearing the out fashioned dress and accessories amongst the rest. Ooops! It's like putting you directly in the hell. So just avoid the situation by getting in touch with the latest fashion styles. Fashion changes its mood and feels in no time, but in this age it is not much difficult to go connected with what is going in the fashion industry. The electronic media has made it absolutely possible watching all the celebrities walking right in front of your eyes, wearing the latest style dresses and fashion accessories. You are free to watch them anytime you want through the Fashion articles, TV fashion shows, Celebrity Profiles and the material available on the fashion oriented websites.

Let's go through the latest fashion styles exposed by the star and celebrities. Celebrity trends are always adopted by the public. Celebrity profiles also reveal the latest fashion styles on the top chart.

Ladies dress styles in this century has been shifting to great extent. It is getting more unconventional time to time. For the casual range of dress, floral prints are getting very famous right now. For someone who loves floral prints, the summer /spring collection 2011 will be the best to start from. Every dress features flowers in bloom, make you look cute and elegant at the same time. Four beautiful celebrities Keke Lindgard, Jessica Clarke, Julia Turenkova, and Mariana Idzkowska prepared their celebrity profile for this wonderful spring collection, so choose from it if you going to have some casual dresses.

Party dresses, on the other hand, seem to have more formal cuts, design and styles with a broad range of bold and gallant colors. Interlock pencil skirts, knee-down skirts, short skirts, floral empire dress, Paisley empire dress, layered floral cameo etc. are more in the trends in the party dresses.

Bridal dresses are also getting the informal and unconventional turns. Designer's dresses are more in fashion because they can easily be personalized according to the bride's choice while not crossing the budget limits. Classic White wedding dresses are no more on their peak. Fashion designers are now introducing both elegant and bold colors in the American wedding dresses. Celebrities are thus adopting these unconventional wedding dresses to make their own style statements.

Fashion accessories cannot be ignored while talking about the latest fashion styles. Trendy fashion accessories are also getting the new styles and colors. Audacious colors are being in fashion for bags, sandals, jewelry and cosmetics as well.

If you are getting fed up of the heavy make up and jewelry looks, then why don't you go for the Green fashion? Yes, the green fashion is now here for those ladies who want to maintain their natural and organic looks. It involves the magical cosmetics stuff and the astonishing flower fashion accessories and dresses with natural colors. So opt what ever you want to choose from the green fashion and look like a Natural Beauty.

Latest Fashion Style   by Nicole Davis in Shopping / Fashion Style    (submitted 2011-01-25)

                                   How to Become a Fashion Designer

A fashion designer carries a fun exciting career. Not just women, but men dream about this career. Being a fashion dsigner allows you to express yourself and your creativity. Fashion designers are known to inspire people and they way they look and feelabout hemselves. As a fashion designer, you shall use your sense and flavor to design clothing and accessories. They create new looks and trends for the items we wear and bring them to life. Fashion designers are expected to come up with a new collection of clothes for each season. Not only are they involved with a creative process, but also with th partical concerns of manufacturing and marketing apparel.

You can change your dreams into reality- with a little hard work, into the right fashion for the institution and fetish fashion, you can easily become a fashion designer.

Indian fashion industry is booming in lateral of the competition in the global industry. With the rapid absorption of fashion trends and the right marketing tactics, Indian designers are much in demand today. In addition, the occurrence of socialites and celebrities and their fashion needs, needs for fashion designers is deepening.

Fashion designing is the art fused with textile science. Imagination and creativity which is the skill set required if you want to be fashion designer. The prêt- a porter designer must be a fashion guru, one who dictates the trends.

Qualifications needed to become a fashion designer are either a diploma or degree from the known fashion Institute. Some of the best examples are the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) at various Metros, NID (National Institute of Design), National Institute of Fashion Design (NIFD), and the Pearl Academy of Fashion etc.

Certificate courses, 4-semester courses etc. in different specializations, such as production technology, fashion design technology, styling cloth etc. also available on part-time basis. Age, educational background, gender etc. do not have much effect if you want to be fashion designer.


Types of Fashion:

Fashion is Available in a variety styles to keep the heads turning. Haute Couture is a French phrase for high fashion. Designing Haute Couture demands perfection, workmanship, originality and unique design. Ready to wear garments are the buzzword in fashion design.

Fashion Designing Institutes:

No doubt, you have talent. Enroll in the popular fashion-schools to provide training in the face of fashion career. After taking active fashion, you can even start their own fashion line of clothes in fancy stores.

Scope in Fashion Designing:

Fashion Designing is one of the most important areas of work in the fashion industry. There are many fashion design career path for you to choose from. You can be rented as a fashion, designer accessories, design production management, quality control, fashion merchandiser, sketch, patternmaker, color mixer, director of design, marketing research or start your own fashion business.

Fashion designing is a dedicated art exemplifies the cultural and social influence.


Become a fashion designing   by Hermanin Shopping / Fashion Style    (submitted 2009-05-14)

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