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                           How to Mix Your Accessories  

by Angelica Britt
in Shopping / Jewelry   (submitted 2012-07-24)

There are many factors to consider when choosing stone jewelry or silver jewelry that fits you best. The experts at stone and silver jewelry can help you find unique jewelry pieces that fit you perfectly.

Stone jewelry is some of the most beautiful and unique jewelry you can find, and can make you look remarkable. With high quality stone jewelry, such as the pieces found at stone and silver jewelry, much care should be taken to mix accessories and create the right look for any occasion.

Whether choosing sterling silver jewelry, or bolder stone jewelry, it is important to look your best on days when you are dressed to the nines in silver jewelry as well as when you're meeting a friend for a casual lunch.

Whether or not you can afford custom stone jewelry for every fashion situation, it may not always be what you want. It is fine to keep less expensive pieces around from your local department stores; however, everyone deserves some jewelry pieces
Choosing pieces can be hard, but luckily the artisans at our store, Stone and Silver Jewelry, are experts in creating custom pieces that can read face shape, hair color, and neck structure to assure that the best pieces are created for each order. The catalog pages on our website offer a great source of inspiration, showing off all the hand selected stones and sterling silver jewelry. But because a piece looks great on the model doesn't mean it's best for you.

There are a few hard and fast rules; those with oval shaped faces have the best options for accessories. Those with round faces should avoid circular shapes, such as hoop earrings. Oftentimes, developing a knack for accessorizing takes skill, practice, and some expert opinions to help show individuals how to look their best.

About Stone And Silver Jewerly: Choosing jewelry is not always easy; the jewerly have charm and elegance to express the personality of a person. Attached to the neck, wrist, fingers or clothes they can make a difference and turn a "casual look" into a "long stare". Therefore, it is essential to know how to choose a jewelry. Physical features such as face shape, cut and hair color, neck like, height and even the physical structure of the individual are fundamental when choosing jewelry. So, check out our catalog and select from a wide variety of designs that have been picked from jewelry designers across the globe and you can have your custom jewelry designed by local artisans based on the designs you choose from our catalog. For more information visit us at

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