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History of Fashion

History Of Fashion

It has been a long time ever since Paris lost its dominant position as the fashion center. Fashion is the to amongst many other New York attractions. The Manhattan's Garment District is the art and fashion home to top fashion gurus, stylists and fashion creators in NYC.

New York City in fact sets fashion statement for the rest of the country. Annually it generates and adds revenue up to $14 billion to the State economy. The Garment State in Manhattan is famous all around the globe for its legendary fashion lines as Oscar De La Renta, Calvin Klein and Liz Claiborne. Although major part of the actual production has been shifted and distributes amongst countries as Pakistan, China and Indonesia, it is still the focal fashion trendsetter.
During the early phase of the 19th Century, the Garment center faced many lacking. Initially it was tthe hub of buying clothes for the slave community as people found it was more economical to purchase clothing rather than asking the servants to tailor their own clothes.
It was only the rich and the wealthy who could afford purchase garments custom made for them. However, years after the American Revolution gave way to industrialization, invention of sewing machines and many other developments all of which led to a blooming garment industry in Manhattan with tailors creating clothes that increasingly became affordable to the average working American. The civil war further paved way for the strengthening of the garment industry in Manhattan. During that period, millions of contracts were made for thousands of uniforms for the officers. By 1870, a full blooming industry established and one could see many Americans wearing clothes purchased from the General Stores rather making them themselves.
An important fact why fashion industry so rapidly flourished was the influence and expertise of the many immigrants from Germany, Russia, Austria, Hungary and other European countries, who had perfect skills in clothing, tailoring and producing clothes. The history of New York fashion is rich, full of passion, sacrifices and violence--- yet out of all the trouble, emerged a strong and unique fashion industry.
Today, what is visible of the successful fashion cut in New York is all because of a long history of struggle and sacrifices. The Garment center at Manhattan has access to various railroad terminals such as the Penn Station and Grand Central and due to its focal position of being the hub of commercial activities.History of Fashion Industry in New York   by Mark Lily in Shopping / Fashion Style    (submitted 2011-04-18)

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